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Set Your Course

Raffles Insurance is one of the largest heterogeneous group captives in the world. They are transforming the insurance industry to work for businesses instead of the other way around.

Capabilities Used

Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Web Design & Development
Research & Strategy
Digital & Social
From Old To New

Raffles Insurance had a great product offering but their marketing efforts often fell short. They asked Rule29 to give them a look and feel that communicated their credibility and captured the essence of what they offered. The new logo was inspired by the calligraphic signatures of historical documents. The custom “R” monogram embodies a sense of strength and security while incorporating modern design elements to point to forward-thinking and progress.

Experience the Difference

This annual report focused on Raffles’ security, strength, and sophistication. Beautiful landscape photography, layered brand elements, and patterns in the background added depth while providing an elegant touch. These elements highlight Raffles’ expertise in the industry and emphasize the benefits partners experience when they join the Raffles community.

Helping Visualize Possibilities

The Raffles website is a core piece of the brand with the potential to be seen by a large and diverse audience. Because of this, the website design showcases various brand elements that create the signature look and feel. We strategically designed the website for a viewer to understand the theme, goal, and call to action of Raffles. Use of iconography, patterns, and imagery reinforces the messaging and establishes a dynamic user experience that is synonymous with the overall Raffles brand.

Why Raffles Insurance?

After updating this 30-year-old brand from top to bottom we used a video to help reintroduce the new Raffles Insurance brand at their annual owner's meeting. We then followed up to other key stakeholders with an HTML email that provided more information and a link to the video.

Who is "Raffles?"

One of the most common questions Raffles partners receive is “Why the Name Raffles?” The Raffles name embodies the resourceful, entrepreneurial spirit of Sir Thomas Raffles, a famous 19th-century British statesman. Because the name is rooted in the past, we wanted to establish a story that felt historical while still expressed for a modern aesthetic. We utilized a mix of torn paper and textural elements to give the video a dimensional effect. The torn paper and highly detailed imagery offer a juxtaposition that makes for a captivating video.

Portal Redesign

To provide tools for recruitment and partner connection, we created the updated partner portal to be a consistent form of contact with the Raffles community. Featuring forums, helpful PDFs, and a library of seminar documents, the Raffles portal is a database partners can consistently access for updates and helpful information.

Communication is key

From surveys taken of the Raffles partners, it was found that they would like more consistent and current messaging points. We created an HTML system that provided them monthly updates of ways Raffles benefits their business, safety tips, and meeting materials.