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Research and Strategy

The Building Blocks of a Successful Brand.

An authentic brand is a powerful brand. It knows who its audience is, what they want, and how to reliably deliver it. When branding doesn’t have to try hard or fake anything, its sincerity can rise above the clamor.


  • Brand Audit
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design Thinking
  • Trend Reports
  • Material Audits
  • Interviews
  • Ethnographic Research
  • User Experience
  • Market Research
  • Quantitative & Qualitative

It’s important to understand the right tools for the job. Based on our client discovery and project type, we employ the right combination of research tactics and strategy at our disposal (you wouldn’t use a hammer to saw a piece of wood, after all). This ranges from internal audits, competitive analysis, interviews, focus groups, and quantitative/qualitative research. We also collaborate with specific research partners for national samplings and “specialty” industries when needed.

Boston Retail Solutions

Boston Barricade came to Rule29 with a lot of research already done, including an in-depth competitive analysis and customer interviews. Rule29 took the research already completed and supplemented it with industry trends and a literature review to formulate recommendations for Boston Barricade, including a name change.

Boston retail Solutions Collage

Removing Brand Barricades

Industry reports and customer interviews showed that customers considered the inclusivity of services when selecting a vendor. Based on this recommendation, Boston Barricade, which had provided a single service within the name, became Boston Retail Solutions to appeal to a broader pool of potential customers and to showcase their inclusive services to retail brands beyond just barricades.

With the new name, Rule29 created a new look for Boston Retail Solutions, including an updated story and messaging, logo, identity, and more. A custom icon set visualized new offerings, while detailed brand guidelines set the tone for Boston Retail Solutions’ new look and feel.

Boston Barricade Old Logo

Old Logo

Boston Retail Solutions New Logo

New Logo

Boston Retail Solutions Shirt and Icons
Boston Retail Solutions Brand Guidelines


Started in 1965, Battery Tender® by Deltran has been the trusted provider for car enthusiasts, power-sport experts, and drivers who are serious about quality for their battery and other high-performance accessories. Deltran came to Rule29 to gain a better understanding of their audiences and learn how to elevate their online presence through social media, video, packaging, digital advertising, Amazon pages, and HTML campaigns.

Battery Tender Amazon iPad Mockup

The Research

It all started with an extensive research sampling of Deltran’s B2B and B2C audiences and competitive analysis. From there, we were able to adjust their story and messaging to further emphasize Deltran’s strengths while also addressing any concerns their customers have had in the past. This messaging was then applied throughout their brand ecosystem. Rule29 monitored engagement and activity monthly and made adjustments in collaboration with the Deltran team.

Deltran Logo and Sub Brand Logos
Two People Riding Dirtbikes
Mechanic doing Work
Man and Woman Traveling

The Solution

To empower the research, we created and updated Battery Tender® by Deltran’s brand guide that incorporated all the key building blocks for future projects. This included an updated voice, colors, image, graphic, and imagery applications to be used faithfully across all B2B and B2C communications.

Deltran Brand Book Pages

Brand Application

For their campaigns, we extended the refocused brand to videos, unique ads, and digital content based on their B2B and B2C audiences. We also developed monthly calendars and the assets needed for their social media posts. Our goal was to give them a bigger and more targeted presence across social media platforms that would strategically attract new customers and generate more sales.

Person Waiting for Roadside Assistance
Image of a Bridge


CloudSense is the leading commerce enablement platform for the world’s most demanding industries. This London-based global organization came to Rule29 to help enhance the position of the company as an innovative, modern brand in the tech space. The rebrand needed to start with the alignment of CloudSense’s leadership and to also represent the level of client that CloudSense has the opportunity to work with.

Cloud Sense Intro

Creating Seamless Experiences

In order to help develop this new brand, we started with an internal stakeholder discovery, competitive and benchmarking audits, and a brand strategy session with the top leaders. This helped us with enterprise-wide alignment, update and clarify their core messaging, and develop directions to help them standout from their fierce competitive landscape.

CloudSense Old Logo

Old Logo

Cloudsense New Logo

New Logo

Cloud Sense Website
Cloud Sense Business Cards
Cloud Sense Icon
CloudSense Logo Animation


Founded over 50 years ago in 1970 the Emergency Nurses Association – ENA was looking for an updated and clear position for both now and looking into the next 50 years. Their mission is to advance excellence in emergency nursing and to be the premier organization for the emergency nursing community worldwide. Rule29 was ready to help guide them in that direction.

Doctor and Nurse with Patient

Steps to Excellence

Through competitor research, key personnel interviews, a national member survey, persona development, and working with the advisory board we helped guide and form a new ENA brand built for its bright future.

Closeup of Nurse Using Digital Display
Closeup of Stethoscope and Clipboard
Closeup of IV Drip

Committed to Care

Through the research, interviews, and surveys, the new ENA brand was created. We developed a strong logo, where the “N” for Nurses found within the negative space conceptually draws attention to the point of why ENA even exists. ENA’s brand and story were later extended to include the tagline “Committed to Care,” which applies to the association’s care for the emergency nurses as well as nurses’ devotion to one of the most taxing medical fields.

ENA Old Logo

Old Logo

ENA New Logo

New Logo

ENA Identity Booklet
ENA Foundation Logo
ENA Foundation Brand Guidelines


Morey brings smart, connected technology to life through collaborative design and production. Its technology solutions have exceeded expectations for decades and continue to benefit companies around the world.

Reversed Morey logo on gradient background

Bringing Connection to Life

Great brands begin with discovery, and determining how best to serve its clients is mission critical. Rule29 partnered with Morey to ask why – why Morey existed and who they wanted to become. Through in-depth interviews and team strategy sessions, Rule29 helped Morey refine its vision and set the course for its future in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Two women working in a robotics lab
Black and white photo of a circuit board
Group of people looking at something together in a meeting

Refreshed Look, Refined Vision

Morey has always been led by the belief that truly great technology doesn’t just benefit its creators or users, but the world. To that end, they teamed up with Rule29 to create a refreshed brand identity that honors Morey’s legacy and communicates its refocused vision: Bringing connection to life for its partners in order to leave a legacy of innovation for good.

Old Morey logo

Old Logo

Morey logo

New Logo

Black hat with black embroidered Morey logomark on a blue background
Morey logo signage in an office
Morey logo embroidered on a blue polo shirt
Morey brand guidelines
Front and back of a Morey business card on a blue background
Morey sell sheet

Morey’s website embodies the trust and integrity, inviting visitors to personally engage with its experienced team. True to the Morey brand, gradients, shapes, and linework work together to clearly portray information in a strategic, engaging way.

Morey website shown on two desktop monitors
Morey website on a mobile phone

Whitespace and clean lines create a dynamic layout of overlapping visuals within Morey’s iconography. Symbols of expertise and responsibility, these icons help customers connect with Morey’s brand materials.

Morey iconography on gradient background

Rule29 is a creative agency and Certified B Corporation® that helps businesses clarify and develop their brand through strategy, design, and making creative matter®.

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