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Situation Secure

Signal, formerly recognized as “Signal 88” which coincides with the police radio code for “situation secure,” came to the Rule29 team looking to apply their newly established brand across a variety of communication touchpoints.

Their vision was to simplify all aspects of their brand, allowing them to stand out and be easily recognized. They needed to retain a sense of familiarity and carry on the legacy behind Signal’s mission to offer a security team that is approachable, trustworthy, and passionate about what they do.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand Extension
  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Print and Annual Reports
  • Events and Promotion
  • Books and Publishing

The Challenge

The greatest challenge we faced when working with Signal was revamping their outward appearance whilst retaining and applying their newly developed brand identity. Because Signal is known for providing round the clock security, our goal was to create a look that placed an emphasis on approachability and comfort. The new look needed to convey consistency and clarity across the entire Signal brand identity.


The Solution

Rule29 worked closely with the Signal team to take their new brand and identity and expand it’s application while maintaining the values and essence of their brand. Signal have referred to themselves as beacons for those who prioritize keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. We made sure the color scheme across uniforms, company vehicles, and all things Signal was consistently applied and stayed bold and stood out. We did this so that their clients would have no doubt they were going to be taken care of when the Signal team arrived on the scene.

Drawing on the inspiration of their newly established overall clearer and more simplified approach to the rebrand, we created a working set of images that would be universally accessible. They would carry out the brand identity as users navigate the site, instilling confidence by ensuring that the information the customer needs is never more than a simple click away.


Information that Inspires

Print pieces are a balancing act of utilizing text and vibrant imagery to present information in a way that is deliberate and concise. It is important to keep relevance at the forefront of our priority list so as not to overwhelm the reader with excessive text. Every design element here was taken into careful consideration, and designed with intention. From the line page breaks to separate content, to the bold orange headings, these print pieces live and breathe Signal.


We’re very impressed with their creative prowess. It’s rare to find a creative partner that would go above and beyond to deliver a great product, and does it from a place of just wanting to be helpful.

Patrick Murray Director of Brand, Creative, and Marketing

Motivational Medallions

Our friends at Signal came to us to help them develop a design system for internal challenge coins in an effort to incentivize team members and celebrate their achievements along the way. Their team works incredibly hard to keep their community out of harms way, and those efforts deserve to be recognized.


Once we landed on a design scheme and logo for the rebrand, we knew that we needed to ensure its presence across the uniforms of all Signal employees. For security guards and their immediate supervisors working in the field, we opted to allow the brand color scheme more prominence. Meanwhile, for those in corporate positions that require dressing with more formality, we incorporated a more subtle approach
to the design.


Mezmorizing Masterpiece

We designed this convention journal with an emphasis on keeping things organized. It has ample space for structuring daily itineraries, jotting down thought-provoking ideas, or even the occasional sketch or doodle.