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Telling stories is as old as humanity itself. They are the foundation of how we communicate, understand, and remember. They acknowledge where we’ve been, allude to who we are, and suggest where we’re heading. This is what we do. We tell stories. We tell them through words, design, and motion.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Brand Story
Branding through Story

But "telling" is only half the battle. The other half? Well (thank you G.I. Joe), "knowing" of course!

The problem is often that those closest to the story have a hard time seeing or deciphering it — which is exactly where our work begins.

We have immersed ourselves into the nuances of storytelling in order that we can deconstruct presuppositions and harmonize an authentic and compelling narrative.

This is the gateway to the brand.

Crafting a New Story

CDK Global approached us with the realization that they needed a new, clear brand voice in light of the shifting industry landscape. We recommended a refreshed brand story and voice in order to reposition the brand in light of customer feedback and the major shifts in the automotive commerce industry. All subsequent creative emerged from this positioning.

From capturing potential customers’ initial attention to the final moment of decision-making, we worked with CDK Global to share their brand ethos with the world.

Video Concepting & Execution

With the brand positioning and story established, concepts were developed to describe “What is CDK?” and “Why CDK?”. We produced a spot entitled "The Dealer Who Never Quits" to capture the emotional voice and tone for the brand and indirectly answer the “Why?” question.


After shifting CDK’s position from the “hero” to the “guide", we humanized their story and created an emotional connection with their customers. This fostered a positive, efficient, and memorable purchase experience for CDK’s customers.

Through this, we pointed CDK toward a belief that they are the “best in the world” at creating solutions that will transition the auto industry to the next chapter. This foundation laid the groundwork for the brand need, essence, drive, charge, story, and promise for both internal and external teams. This also greatly influenced CDK's tagline, brand voice, and marketing concepts that would propel CDK forward.


To further support this shift, we developed a uniquely stylized motion graphics video that elevated the brand look and focused on the various aspects of "Who and What Is CDK?".

Brand Positioning
Positioning Your Brand

While a brand's story acts as accessible entrypoint for consumers, it is a brand's positioning statement that keeps an organization aligned.

A positioning statement is designed to identify the target audience, need, met need, and differentiation.

Without this, a brand is lost at sea without a compass.

But with this, an organization has the ability to make decisions that are in alignment with the brand itself.

Thomas Interiors

Thomas Interiors approached us to help with a complete rebrand. But before any design elements were created, we helped develop their brand position, brand essence, voice, and tone. Thomas Interiors’ is B2B with a primary target of A & D (Architect and Design) firms. With this in mind, we needed to sift out the point of differentiation for Thomas amongst other like-firms. While the unmet/met need have may be similar across the category, it was evident that Thomas’ commitment to use unlimited resources for the sake of the client’s care and retention was above and beyond any sense of normalcy. This set the stage for the visual brand identity that would ensue.

Brand Strategy
It's All About the Strategy

Deliverables are the currency of our industry. We identify them, estimate them, and deliver them at a rapid pace. They come in the form of logos, websites, videos, and ideas. But honestly, the “deliverable” doesn’t excite us in and of itself. Rather, what gets us out of bed in the mornings is believing in what we do. And for the most part, this emerges out of one simple question….

Why? Why do you exist? Why this particular deliverable? Why this demographic? Why this predicament? We are a branding and communications agency that understand a deliverable becomes as lifeless as it sounds when it exists without a strategy.

This is where we come in. We want to pursue the best solutions possible for the desired result(s). This requires an in-depth understanding of objectives, KPIs, analytics, reasoning, and the brand itself. With this as the context, a strategic approach can be developed that not only achieves determined goals, but affirms the brand essence and positioning.

Brand Refresh
Committed to Care

Through research, interviews, and surveys, the new ENA brand was created. We developed a strong logo, where the “N” for Nurses found within the negative space conceptually draws attention to the point of why ENA even exists. ENA’s brand and story was later extended to include the tagline “Committed to Care,” which applies to the association’s care for the emergency nurses as well as nurses’ devotion to one of the most taxing medical fields.

Discover What’s In Store

Boston Barricade came to Rule29 with a lot of research already done, including an in-depth competitive analysis and customer interviews. Rule29 took the research already completed and supplemented it with industry trends and a literature review to formulate recommendations for Boston Barricade, including a name change.

Removing Brand Barricades

Industry reports and customer interviews showed that customers considered the inclusivity of services when selecting a vendor. Based on this recommendation, Boston Barricade, which had provided a single service within the name, became Boston Retail Solutions to appeal to a broader pool of potential customers and to showcase their inclusive services to retail brands beyond just barricades.

The New Look

With the new name, Rule29 created a new look for Boston Retail Solutions, including an updated story and messaging, logo, identity, and more.