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Team RWB member Carrying a flag Team RWB Man Carrying a Flag
Team RWB

Enriching the Lives of America’s Veterans

We had the honor of partnering with Team Red White and Blue (Team RWB) from the very beginning, so we’ve been able to help them evolve into a strong, unifying, recognizable brand for America’s veterans. Our mission started by helping them with positioning, story, creating the logo, and finally the complete brand. Inspired by iconic American imagery and military iconography, the eagle became the core component of the new logo.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand, Logo, and Identity
  • Website Development
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Print and Annual Reports
  • Packaging and Retail
  • Events and Promotion
  • Environments and Signage
  • Design for Social Impact

The Challenge

Team RWB’s goal is to offer veterans a new kind of experience upon returning home from service—one filled with positivity, physical fitness, community, and a sense of purpose. In order to attract ideal donors and partnerships, Team RWB needed a professional, memorable, brand-forward identity system that would quickly communicate their mission, vision, and spirit.


Our team needed to understand the military, veteran, and civilian culture of Team Red, White & Blue. In order to create a complete identity that really communicated the breadth and depth of Team RWB’s vision and values, we had to understand the challenges, needs, and obstacles faced by returning veterans, as well as the solutions Team RWB proposed: positivity, physical fitness, social interaction, regaining a sense of military pride, and community involvement. Rule29 also explored ways to incorporate various fundraising and nonprofit tools.

Types of research included the following: competitor analysis, marketing research, user testing, visual exploration, ethnographic research, and qualitative research.

Closeup of the American Flag
Active Military Group Photo
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Man running with a flag group photo

The Solution

Our first goal was to create a strong and memorable patriotic mark, one that would symbolize a military focus, create visual recognition, and be something vets and athletes would be proud to wear to help create conversation. The phrase “Wear the Eagle” has become a call to action, highlighting what it means to be part of Team RWB team.Team RWB Logo ExplanationSince Team RWB engaged Rule29’s services when they were a fledgling organization, we’ve been able to build Team RWB’s brand from the ground up. Now, with hundreds of thousands of members in over 190 locations around the United States, we’ve been fortunate to create evolving and updated branding and brand guidelines that keep pace with Team RWB’s ever-expanding growth.

These brand guides go beyond basic logo and color usage; they help Team RWB’s internal team craft impactful and visually aligned materials that speak to their unique audience personas and also provide guidelines for icons, photography styles, gradients, and video production.


Old Team RWB Logo

Old Logo


New Team RWB Logo

New Logo

“The most important thing for me has been the relationship we’ve developed. To me, that is so important and sets organizations apart. Obviously, they want to grow, and they’ve been growing, but their commitment to remaining a relationship-based company, to me, just speaks volumes about who they are from a core values standpoint.”

Mike Erwin Executive Director

Team RWB executes a number of flagship events every year, attracting both veterans and civilians to come together through physical activity. Rule29 developed the event logos to be unique yet visually connected, reflecting the unique purposes and nature of the event. These logos are used heavily throughout the event, applied to promotional materials, clothing, and participant medals.

TeamRWB Event Logos
Team RWB Group Event Photo
Team RWB member Running in Triathalon
Team RWB Group Photo from Waves Event

Stories for Success

Video storytelling has been integral to Team RWB’s communication strategy, creating engagement and enthusiasm for the core mission of the organization. Rule29 created videography guidelines to ensure every video upheld the highest possible production value and brand consistency, while also giving video teams the freedom to craft videos that reflect the intended message or subject matter.

Team RWB’s updated website was carefully designed to showcase the organization’s impact, core partners, and extensive events with their library of imagery and video to help users visualize the “Eagle Ethos,” while also communicating key messages. Scalable for both national audiences and local chapters, the website invites users into the spirit of the organization and creates simple pathways to get involved at a deeper level.

Team RWB Desktop Website Mockup
Team RWB iPad Website Mockup
Team RWB Interior Website Pages Mockup
3 Phones showing Mobile website mockup

“We have collaborated on a variety of large initiatives including a complete redesign of our website, launching our first APP and Annual Report, completely updating our brand guidelines, and refreshing all of our marketing collateral. Team RWB is honored to work with Rule29 and we cannot thank them enough for the support and guidance they have provided to our organization since day one.”

Dan Brostek Chief Digital Officer

App Flow Chart
Wireframe of Team RWB App
Team RWB App Template Grid
Mobile Phone Mockup

Team RWB’s logo has become something of a rallying cry (#WearTheEagle) for veterans and veteran advocates. Today, at marathons, triathlons, and other sporting events, you’re sure to see athletes proudly wearing their Nike TeamRWB Eagle shirt. The organization has been featured on Fox & Friends, Today, The Daily Show, The View, and NPR, and has been covered in Psychology Today and many other national publications and media outlets.

By the Numbers


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Members Since Brand Launch

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