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Whether it's simple or complex, your story is unique. Let us help you tell it in a compelling, memorable, and visually groundbreaking way!

Capabilities Used

Rule29 Reel

Whether it’s simple or complex, your story is unique. Let us help you tell it in a compelling, memorable, and visually groundbreaking way! In our latest R29 Client Video Reel, we showcase a variety of client projects that are presented in live action, motion graphics or a combination of styles.

Blackweb Waterproof Phone Case

All phone cases claim some level of protection, but the Blackweb Waterproof Phone Case offers ultimate protection and a complete worry-free experience. We created a video to demonstrate the features of the phone case for sales reps to showcase the benefits in stores. Complete with RD renderings and CG effects, this video highlights Blackweb's protection engineering and a 360° protection.

Follow The Bankers Box

To help build brand awareness and promote conversions for Bankers Box, we concepted creative and implemented a digital advertising campaign that showcased the versatility and usability of these boxes across all kinds of industries. For the campaign, we felt that video would best communicate the brand’s versatility. We also created a number of ads (generic and specific) that would accompany the video push through a number of media channels, from social media to programmatic audience targeting to mobile-specific channels.

Fellowes Shredder Campaign

Fellowes has been a recognized name in workplace innovation and solutions for almost 100 years. Their long-standing commitment to increasing workplace productivity while decreasing hassle is perhaps best exemplified by their line of autofeed shredders, AutoMax. We have had the opportunity to play a part in a number of projects focused on promoting the merits of autofeed shredding and the superiority of the AutoMax product. Rule29 had a chance to partner with Fellowes for the entire process – coming up with the messaging and look/feel of the campaign, helping to establish ad media placement, implementing a comprehensive, 3-month digital ad buy, and strategizing along the way to make sure that our goals for the campaign was met.

Secure Shredding

Our client originally requested a marker board video, but we felt a video mixing real imagery, infographics, and motion would be a more memorable, interesting, and unique approach. The client felt the end result was a much more impactful and interesting piece.

Creating an aspirational video experience

Optrix by BodyGlove offers the best in waterproof, rugged iPhone protection, as well as high-quality mounts and lenses. For the upcoming release and marketing of their new iPhone 6 model, Optrix asked us to produce an aspirational, emotive commercial they could use on digital advertising. We not only had the chance to create the concept and script, but we also directed and produced the spots in the Florida Keys.

Shimmer Case

Body Glove, a sub brand of Fellowes, had Rule29 assist them with the creation of a 30-second advertisement that could visually showcase the features of the Shimmer case. While copy is important to any advertisement, the visual impact of the reversible sequins on the case was priority.

Youfit Health Clubs Campaign

The Youfit team approached R29 to produce and execute a couple of spots on their national brand awareness ad campaign. These spots highlighted Youfit’s focus on their no-pressure, no-contract philosophy – as well as showcase Youfit’s fun and easy-going culture. The first of two commercials was the “Wedding Spot,” tapping into our familiarity of what commitment really means. Imagery was also pulled from these spots to offer consistency with additional marketing channels, including direct mail, digital, and environmental.

Allstate: Be a Force for Good

Maryse, a longtime employee at Allstate, had a story to tell and Allstate wanted to help her tell it. After a period of creative exploration of current trends in visual storytelling, we recommended creating a video that blended audio interviews, live-action, and animation – the perfect match for Maryse's authentic and playful personality. The video was shown internally to employees to celebrate her contribution to the company, as well as externally to demonstrate Allstate's caliber of employees and depth of caring for the broader world.

CDK Global
CDK Global What

CDK Global, is the leading global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. Focused on evolving the automotive retail experience, CDK’s solutions automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process. CDK asked Rule29 to develop a motion graphic video that visually led the viewer through the entire sequence of client engagement with them.

CDK Global Why

CDK also asked Rule29 to develop a live action video that walked through the day of an auto dealership manager, and affirmed his commitment to excellence through the use of CDK’s solutions.

Burwood Whiteboard
Burwood Whiteboard

Burwood Group, a Chicago-based consulting firm that bridges business strategy and technology solutions for high-profile clients in the IT, healthcare, and educational sectors, came to Rule29 looking for some solutions of their own. They needed an update to their look, with materials that showcased the cutting-edge services they provide internationally. Rule29 created a unique whiteboard video to present Burwood’s technical advances in an appealing way, using simple yet clever motion graphics to demonstrate the better outcomes they provide.

Sleeping at Last
Music Video "Emphasis"

When we decided to do a music video for Sleeping at Last's “Emphasis” song, we ended up building the narrative around a little boy (who happens to be producer Bob Davidson’s son) and his exploration of a seemingly large and broken world. We chose to shoot the video almost entirely in a macro format – subtly suggesting that we are often limited by our small perspective and much too close for our own good to appreciate the world in all its beauty and mystery. As Ryan has stated, “This is a little song about big questions.”

University Of Iowa: Nickie & Echo
University of Iowa: Nickie & Echo

This video originally started as a podcast, but we felt it would be more impactful as a video experience so we illustrated the script to bring it to life and make it visually interesting. It tells the story about two young students and their anxiety about going to the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa.

Raffles Insurance
Setting a new course

After updating this 30-year-old brand from top to bottom we used a video to help reintroduce the new Raffles Insurance brand at their annual owner's meeting. We then followed up to other key stakeholders with an HTML email that provided more information and a link to the video.

Train Heroic
Train Heroic Bumper: Train, Track, and Compete like heroes

Train Heroic is an online training and tracking platform that provides tools and insight to athletes and coaches in order to get the most out of their workouts. One of their key deliverables was video instruction. This bumper was used to bring some consistency and brand to these videos.

Life In Abundance
This Is My Normal Documentary

Rule29 collaborated with Wonderkind Studios and Life In Abundance to create This is My Normal. A sobering documentary exploring two primary questions, “What is poverty?” and “What is normal?”, through the stories and imagery from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the trailer.

The Wheels4Water Story

After two years of a successful campaign, the Wheels4Water team wanted to share the impact made with current donors and have a promotional piece to share with potential donors. This video starts in 2014, when the team jumped on their bikes to ride from Boston to Chicago, not knowing it would turn into a journey that would raise over $160,000 for several communities in Africa. Follow them as they ride 1,200 miles from Boston to Chicago, and another 450 miles along the coast of California in 2015.