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Rule29 will help you create a strategic and memorable online presence from start to finish; whether you want to share your ideas via custom website, blog, or various social media outlets.

Capabilities Used

Web Design & Development
Cuebiq SaaS Platform

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to present their message to consumers. But often much of the media spend is wasted by presenting messages to the wrong audience. We created a powerful and intuitive UX/UI design for Cuebiq’s SaaS platform, enabling it to present high-level data analyses in a way that can be easily be understood and evaluated. In this way, it targets a general audience, not only those who are highly technical.

Good Tidings
Driven by Dreams

The Good Tidings Foundation has completed over 200 projects by creating opportunities for kids to dream and explore their talents athletically, artistically, and academically. Rule29 is honored to work with them to develop their brand in honor of their 25th anniversary as they partner with changemakers such as Kerri Walsh Jennings, Steph Curry, and more.

Connection Made Easy

We launched their new website to emphasize their dedication to wonder and to the kids of Northern California and beyond. With this interactive, engaging webspace, Good Tidings is now able to serve communities like never before.

Tonik Website
Sunday Strong
Uniting the Fitness Community

Sunday Strong encourages the health and wellness of adults with intellectual disabilities by working with fitness affiliates nationwide to provide one group class a week. Rule29 was honored to design and develop the Sunday Strong website to invite athletes to participate in regular group classes. Fitness facilities and volunteers are also encouraged to support the Sunday Strong community by hosting classes and coaching athletes.

ADA Compliance

Along with offering a comprehensive set of resources for the Sunday Strong community, the site is ADA compliant for users of all abilities. We're excited to see Sunday Strong grow as gyms across the nation join the movement!

O'Neil Printing Website
O'Neil Printing

Since 2000 we have been helping O’Neil printing pursue it’s Traditionally Innovative brand at every level of their communication both internally and externally. Rule29 designed their website to appeal to both the corporate client as well as the designer.

Just like any project we approach, we step back and look at the entire company to find its stand-out qualities that makes it unique, and highlight those particulars in the design. O’Neil’s website highlights its solutions and portfolio in a clear, user-friendly way. The site is outfitted with a Client Center full of resources for every customer.

As an employee owned and operated organization, O’Neil pursues excellence in everything they do. From business cards to promotional materials to delivery trucks to the website, O’Neil Printing stands out as one of the best printing services provider you will ever find.

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
Paving the Way

Rule29 re-developed the Glenn O’ Hawbaker website to enhance the user experience and strategically organize their projects for maximum clarity. We researched and took inspiration from traditional construction aesthetics and applied that thought to a bold, contemporary look and feel. This included designing custom iconography, grid patterns, and other geometric graphics of project plans.

RichWrap Website

For the last 49 years, RichWrap has offered custom-designed giftwrap ensembles for organizations and individuals who want to give truly memorable gifts.

Rule29 partnered with the Richwrap team to help update and promote this trusted and established brand. Rule29 developed a strategy that allowed us to create a contemporary, user-friendly website, design new wrapping paper styles, develop promotional videos, and launch a new digital marketing campaign for their ideal audiences.

With a foundation of tradition, our goal was to give this brand an updated story and more relevant brand experience.

Quiet Revolution Website
The Power of Introverts

Susan Cain, who is known for her book, Quiet and for her life-changing TED talk, “The Power of Introverts“, and her team of introverts and extroverts alike partnered with us to discuss an interesting prospect – a website that would serve as a central hub of resources for introverts to find community and for others to understand them better.

The result was Quiet Revolution. With beautiful imagery, intelligent contributors, and thoughtful design, Quiet Revolution is a site that allows introverts to feel at home and grow.

MarketDelta Website
Data, Charting & Trading In a Single Platform

MarketDelta is leading the charge of taking trading everywhere you go. As a company living in both the tech camp as well as the financial camp, MarketDelta needed a site that was able to communicate with both types of customers, and Rule29 was glad to create a website that showcases this unique position.

Symbols of simplicity

We designed and implemented a number of icons that reflect the styling of the logo, bringing the entire brand together as easily as making your first trade on MarketDelta.

Ease of use

Designed to mimic the ease of using MarketDelta for trading needs, we built a site that holds ease of navigation and readability paramount.

Positivity Project Website
Empowering Students to Build Strong Relationships

The Positivity Project's goal is to work with schools to help create citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.” We had the privilege to develop the brand and their website, which is their main marketing platform.

A Mobile Classroom

The Positivity Project wanted to make sure educators and administrators could get material any time and anywhere they needed it.

A functional experience

We worked with The Positivity Project team to create a site that was easy to understand and navigate. In addition to that experience, we incorporated as much of the Google platform as possible, since the vast majority of school systems are used to using those materials daily.

Infographics for the win

In order to communicate easily with students, parents, and teachers, we developed a library of iconography and infographics explaining the process and the potential impact The Positivity Project can help create.

Planet of AWE Website
Elks Hoop Shoot Website
ELKs Hoop Shoot

Did you know that grit is one of the most accurate indicators of future success? The Elks National Foundation have been ahead of recent research findings by teaching for over 40 years young hoopers to develop grit through setting goals and bouncing back from failures. The Elks Hoop Shoot program gives an opportunity for boys and girls to participate in free-throw basketball contests that build character for future success. We designed the site to give each participant their own page, featuring their scores, which lodge they belong to, and any awards they received during the competition. The site features background footage of boys and girls working hard and having fun too!

Raffles Redesign

Raffles Insurance is a thirty-year-old insurance company that needed a refreshed look and voice. We had the great honor of updating this brand, which is the country’s first heterogeneous captive insurance company, and building the platform for its future growth. After an extensive interview and research process, we redefined the brand essence, voice, and positioning. From there we did a comprehensive redesign of logo, tagline, website, promotional materials, conference design, and recruiting tools.

Vanguard Redesign
Vanguard Logistics Services

The entire project was designed to position Vanguard as an organization that “lives out” its ownership of the industry and showcases its history of creating powerful solutions for customers around the globe.

Elevating an industry leader

The redesigned website lists the most prominent site destinations in a row of red buttons with messaging related to the user’s location and services in the carousel.

A news feed, featured on all pages, keeps users up-to-date on all Vanguard happenings.

HealthCorps' Redesign
A ChangeHub for Teens

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Mehmet Oz, HealthCorps’ mission is to unleash the power of America’s youth so they can live productive lives.