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VelocityEHS website on a laptop VelocityEHS website on a laptop
Website Development

Does Your Online Brand Know Its Audience?

If you want to succeed, you need to know what makes you different and who is looking for what you have to offer. You also need to deliver a web experience that is relevant, on brand, easy to use, and worth coming back to.


  • B2B and B2C Websites
  • Information Architecture and Sitemaps
  • Database and HTML Development
  • UX and UI Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • SEO Strategy
  • Blogs and Landing Pages

Rule29 will help you create a strategic and memorable online presence from start to finish, whether you want to share your ideas via a custom website, blog, or social media outlets. Customers are looking for a quick solution to their problem, and your website provides them with your first-impression digital brand experience.


Topstep came to us with a new and beautifully bold brand that had yet to launch. Another agency had carefully crafted the brand based on consumer feedback and the vision to go where no online trading software had gone before. When Topstep launched in 2012, they quickly became an industry disrupter. With this new brand, they took that title even further. Featuring bold type, gritty photography, and speak-no-bullshit messaging, the Topstep team was officially ready to take their site to the next level.

A series of screenshots of the Topstep website
Topstep Website Landing Page Design
Homepage States from Topstep Website
Flat panel Design for Topstep Website
Topstep Website Resource Library
Mobile Aerial Grid for Topstep Website


The Strawhecker Group are experts in the payment consulting space and needed to look the part. That’s where Rule29 came in. Collaboratively, we revamped the site with a new user experience and workflow, added a new illustration style that we animated, and refreshed the whole brand’s look to be more modern while appealing to the brand’s personas.


VelocityEHS came to Rule29 with the goal of updating their brand and website to match the effort and expertise that they offer in the world of EHS. As VelocityEHS created scalable solutions and infrastructure to better help their client’s long-term strategies, Rule29 sought to do the same with VelocityEHS’s brand. The brand uplift included expanding the brand color palette, as well as linework, icons, and gradients to better communicate the solutions that Velocity had to offer.



Alto approached Rule29 with a bold, new brand that they were looking to rollover into a top-notch website to launch their fresh look. Alto’s mission to provide everyday Americans with investment opportunities was one that we could easily stand behind. We were excited to collaborate with Alto and create a website that would effectively communicate their mission while also providing a seamless user experience for their customers.

After some serious contribution from both teams, Rule29 delivered a custom website that not only beautifully showcases their new brand but effectively communicates Alto’s values and mission to potential investors. The website features an intuitive user interface that allows visitors to easily navigate through the various investment opportunities available on the platform, making it simple for everyday Americans to start investing in their financial future.

Person viewing the Alto website on their laptop
Preview of Alto website across a desktop, laptop, table, and phone
Screens from Alto website on isometric tiles
Screens from Alto website on isometric tiles
Previews of the Alto website on a phone

Good Tidings

The Good Tidings Foundation has completed over 200 projects by creating opportunities for kids to dream and explore their talents athletically, artistically, and academically. Rule29 is honored to work with them to develop their brand and extend their new website. The site was designed to emphasize their dedication to wonder and to the kids of Northern California and beyond. With this interactive, engaging webspace, Good Tidings is now able to serve communities like never before.

Good Tidings website on a laptop
Grid of website pages from Good Tidings
Good Tidings Website on a smartphone
Good Tidings Website on a smartphone


SuperAwesome is a company that was started out of a necessity that stemmed from the rapid evolution of modern technology. With how easily accessible every corner of the internet is through a simple web search, we need better prioritize the safety of our youth.

The function of SuperAwesome and their digital advancements protect younger internet users, ensuring that their online engagements are safe and their privacy is made a priority. Outside of general web use, their capabilities expand into apps, television programs, and are becoming increasingly more adopted in the online gaming space as well. We adapted their website and branding assets to feature a youthful and engaging color palette that reminds the viewer of the mission and purpose SuperAwesome is at the forefront of.


The Authority

Much like how we operate at Rule29, The Authority embodies the spirit of working with a purpose. Above all, The Authority values servitude towards the immediate community of Cumberland County, and the state of New Jersey as a whole.

The Authority approached the R29 team with a strong desire to get more out of their website. They envisioned an end product that would both stand out to the audience, and encapsulate the identity of The Authority, articulating the importance behind the services they offer. Because much of their business is centered around economic growth and development, our team saw it only fitting to incorporate angular shapes and pops of color to allude to The Authority’s progressive nature.



Lytho is a technology platform designed for marketing teams to achieve better content outcomes. They were founded to remove the burden of manual proofing and expanded into creative project management and digital asset management.

Due to a need for an expedited launch, phase one of the Lytho website was designed and developed in just under a month. Together, we have collaborated with their team on continuing to evolve and build resource libraries they can use for years to come. 


Sunday Strong

Sunday Strong encourages the health and wellness of adults with intellectual disabilities by working with fitness affiliates nationwide to provide one group class a week. Rule29 was honored to design and develop the Sunday Strong website to invite athletes to participate in regular group classes. Fitness facilities and volunteers are also encouraged to support the Sunday Strong community by hosting classes and coaching athletes.

Series of webpages shown on computer monitors
A laptop and phone both displaying the Sunday Strong website
Sunday Strong Mobile Website
Sunday Strong Mobile grid

Mind & More

Offering everything from nutrition training to yoga to psychological services, The Mind & More website invites people to pursue holistic health no matter where they’re at in their wellness journey. With a mix of dimensional gradients and line work illustrations, the website communicates the depth of wellness and care customers receive from The Mind & More.

A desktop and smartphone on a desk displaying the Mind and More website
The Mind and More website on a laptop sitting on a desk
Mind and More desktop website
Mind and More mobile website


For the last 49 years, RichWrap has offered custom-designed giftwrap ensembles for organizations and individuals who want to give truly memorable gifts.

Rule29 partnered with the RichWrap team to help update and promote this trusted and established brand. Rule29 developed a strategy that allowed us to create a contemporary, user-friendly website, design new wrapping paper styles, develop promotional videos, and launch a new digital marketing campaign for RichWrap’s ideal audiences.

The Richwrap website on desktop, mobile, and tablet
Woman using the Richwrap Customizer
Richwrap Desktop Site

Blackberry Market

We teamed up to create a new website experience that began with mobile-first as analytics showed that is where a majority of their users came from. The site was also developed to grow with the company as they open new locations. Featuring online ordering, beautiful photography, and detailed menus, the Blackberry Market website is sure to make you hungry for some cinnamon rolls (available through mobile ordering).

We also worked with the Blackberry team to create photography recommendations for their food. Everything was shot top-down so that they can easily recreate it in-house. This made sure they were able to update their website regularly without the need for professional help.

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A series of screens showing the Blackberry Market website on mobile
Blackberry Market Website on Desktop and Mobile

O'Neil Printing

Since 2000 we have been helping O’Neil printing pursue its Traditionally Innovative brand at every level of their communication both internally and externally. Rule29 designed their website to appeal to both the corporate client as well as the designer.

O’Neil’s website highlights its solutions and portfolio in a clear, user-friendly way. The site is outfitted with a Client Center full of resources for every customer.

The O'Neil Printing website on a desktop computer screen
ONeil Printing Website on a desktop computer
O'Neil Printing Mobile Website on a phone sitting on a patterned background.
O'Neil Printing Mobile Website on a phone sitting on a patterned background.
O'Neil Printing Mobile Website on a phone sitting on a patterned background.


A company after our own heart, Verdis Group helps organizations identify and implement sustainable solutions. Their purpose is to create a thriving and resilient world.

Rule29 partnered with them to develop a clear and compelling website that’s also robust and expandable. As their needs have grown over the years, we’ve helped the site grow with them. It’s been a valuable asset in the expansion of their consultancy, showcasing their high-profile projects and related success metrics.

Verdis Group's Homepage on a laptop
Verdis Group's website on a mobile device
Verdis Group's website on a laptop