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Events and Campaigns

When did you last reach for a glass of clean water? For millions of people around the world, the answer to that question is shocking.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Web Design & Development
Digital & Social

In 2007, a few members of the Rule29 team traveled to Ethiopia with one of our nonprofit clients, who was helping marginalized communities get sustainable access to basic living resources such as water and sanitation. We wanted to get a first-hand experience of how this client was making an impact in one of the most marginalized places in the world. We soon discovered, however, that it made an impact on us as well.

The Wheels4Water Story

During our time in Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa, we saw the harrowing effects of unsafe drinking water on individuals, families, and communities. Entire generations were affected by waterborne diseases and infection, with little support from the local government. The faces and stories stuck with us. When we came home, we started to imagine how we, a branding and design firm, could use our abilities, network, and interests to fight the global water crisis in tangible, lasting ways.

We decided to create Wheels4Water – a yearly cycling event that would serve as a fundraising effort to fight the global water crisis. Why cycling? Well, we are cyclists ourselves, and communities in sub-Saharan Africa rely heavily on bicycles to travel, work, and most importantly, gather water. Rule29 quickly partnered with Wonderkind Studios and O'Neil Printing, and aligned our efforts with longtime client, Lifewater International, an established safe water development nonprofit working in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.


Our work for Wheels4Water has been recognized by a number of publications and design organizations including the Webby Awards, Communication Arts, HOW Design, and Fast Company Design.

Developing a Cohesive Story

Digital media has been an integral component of Wheels4Water's storytelling from the very beginning, providing an opportunity to share a consistent message with key audiences. We designed a flexible website experience that could be customized and adjusted to reflect each year's branding, while maintaining a visually aligned look from year to year.

Social Media

We also created over 100 social media assets to educate and inspire audiences to get involved, as part of a larger communication strategy.


This gallery show featured the work and impact of Wheels4Water. It highlighted a sampling of the work and messaging created for the cause. Viewers would walk away with an understanding and education on how they can make an impact and gain a new perspective on the need for clean water.

The Impact

To date, we have raised more than $770,000, helping 19,000+ receive safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training!