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Events and Campaigns

When did you last reach for a glass of clean water? For millions of people around the world, the answer to that question is shocking.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Web Design & Development
Digital & Social
Making an Impact

Since 2014, Wheels4Water has fought against the global water crisis using only bicycles, a passionate community, storytelling, and heart for doing good. To date, we have raised more than $950,000—helping more than 18,500 people receive safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training!

Why We Ride

During our time in Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa, we saw the harrowing effects of unsafe drinking water on individuals, families, and communities. Entire generations were affected by waterborne diseases and infection, with little support from the local government. The faces and stories stuck with us. When we came home, we started to imagine how we, a branding and design firm, could use our abilities, network, and interests to fight the global water crisis in tangible, lasting ways.

The Wheels4Water logo and overall brand was created to adapt to each years theme of the ride and specific area it is was supporting. This allowed flexibility and freshness to each new ride's promotion and story.


Our work for Wheels4Water has been recognized by a number of publications and design organizations including the Webby Awards, Communication Arts, HOW Design, and Fast Company Design.


We use videos to show potential donors and advocates the reality of the world water crisis and ask for their support. For more videos from our journey, click here

Social Media

We also created over 100 social media assets to educate and inspire audiences to get involved, as part of a larger communication strategy.

Be part of the story

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