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Simply Bourbon: A Collaboration to America’s Most Beloved Spirit

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Simply Bourbon is a collaborative project bringing together Rule29’s ability to direct and design a large scale project and includes, photography by MacDonald Photography, printing by O’Neil Printing, bookbinding by Roswell Bookbinding, writing by Bob Davidson, paper by Sappi, and the insight and brilliance of Willett Distillery. With every page, you experience a new layer and element that is found within bourbon creation. As an agency, this project represents what we can do when developing a brand story. We research, write, create, and direct all the various elements that produce an engaging, compelling, and unique experience.

Simply Bourbon offers insights, suggestions, and recipes that are sure to pique your interests whether you are a new member of the bourbon community or a seasoned taster. Enjoy an unforgettable, tactile experience that dives into the stories of family tradition, provides a guide to the basics of bourbon, and more. To get a copy of Simply Bourbon email us to see if any limited edition hardcovers are left or learn more and purchase a soft cover here – Cheers!