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Creative Matters 30: Pure Fall Goodness

1 minutes

Experience the latest creative matter imagined by Rule29. CM 30 features a selection of our work in Africa, our involvement with an organization supporting veterans, and our consistent exploration of story and wonder, just to name a few. Watch some of our innovative video work, read about our most recent promotional work, and interact with some of our latest online and mobile app creations.

Always on the lookout for new ways to communicate the offerings from our studio, we developed our 30th newsletter installment in three formats: the traditional PDF, as an iPad app, and now for CM 30, we are introducing an HD version of the app for all those with Retina display iPads. So download one, download all!

As Fall winds down, grab some hot cider and take a creative tour around the world with us via Creative Matters 30.

:: Download Creative Matters 30 iPad App ::

:: Download Creative Matters 30 iPad App for Retina Display ::

:: Download Creative Matters 29 PDF ::


Your Amigos from Rule29

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