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Creative Matter Post

A Year of WASH in Review

This year, Lifewater International approached us to create an annual report that would showcase the headway that they have made in addressing the worldwide sanitation and water crisis in a compelling way. The most important element (and the overall theme of the report) was to talk about all the people who are making the mission of Lifewater a reality. To do this, the annual report featured individual stories, testimonies, quotes, photos, etc. of people who are an integral part of the Lifewater community. By using bold colors and callouts we were able to make each person’s spread unique and interesting.

To organize the statistics and data for the report, we created infographics that made the dry data eye-catching and simple to understand. We also extended the look and feel that we had established in the website to the program process page, helping to succinctly tell the story of the way Lifewater addresses the worldwide water crisis.