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Advantax Website

Advantax, a leader in the property tax industry and the only property tax consulting firm that serves all fifty states, needed a website that reflected not only their expertise, but also their unique commitment to serving their customers’ varied needs. But they didn’t want to stop there: Advantax also values empowering their clients through property tax education, as well as contributing to the property tax community as a whole. Building on these desires, Rule29 helped them design and launch an interactive resource hub called the PropTax® Center.

The Corporate Site

The site’s unconventional structure was built with a rounded-edged, app-like feel, portraying Advantax’s non-corporate approach customer service: a personalized model built around each client’s individual needs. They are more like the office next door than a cold and distant tax firm.

The new site was also designed to capitalize on Advantax’s friendly commitment to community and conversation. Advantax is committed to answering anyone’s question about property tax – not just their own clients. Therefore, a link to Ask Advantax is always visible throughout the site. Also, links to social networks are prominently located at the top of the site for instant access to Advantax’s wealth of knowledge, latest happenings, and interesting tidbits. Twitter feeds in the left sidebar display the latest in property tax news from Advantax’s @PropTaxTips, @PropTaxAppeals, and @DavidLeVan. This Twitter feed was built with a custom-developed module that allows readers to easily follow each account or retweet each post, allowing quick and easy interaction. On the technical side, these Twitter feeds were also built with an AJAX loading method to ensure that even if Twitter API is slow or goes down, the website won’t be slowed down because of it.

Advantax’s commitment to sharing knowledge is clearly shown through their expanding video library. The website includes a custom-built video gallery that allows for videos to be easily added and categorized by Advantax, and easily browsed by users, whether by category, by name, or by date. The video library was setup using dynamic AJAX calls so that users could quickly browse through the various video categories without cumbersome page loading. The videos were set up to be hosted remotely on YouTube to create an added layer of SEO and for ease of social sharing.

The PropTax® Center

The PropTax® Center was designed to be an interactive knowledge pool, curated and managed by the friendly, helpful experts at Advantax. This resource center was set up to share vital property tax information with the online community, offer an outlet for conversation, questions, and advice, and establish Advantax as the authority in the property tax arena. A brand for PropTax itself was established through the bright orange color, which portrays an active community and a dynamic influx of resources.

When users land at the PropTax Center, they are greeted with a wealth of information at their fingertips. They can view the latest episode of PropTax Minute, watch the latest PropTax tutorial, or ask Advantax a question through the custom built Ask Advantax forum. Users can quickly find property tax deadlines and other important dates with the visual PropTax Calendar map. To expand their industry knowledge, users can read articles in Advantax’s successful blog written by David LeVan: A Tax to Grind.

Users are able to sign up for different types of PropTax Center updates with one form utilizing a custom-built integration with MailChimp, allowing for simple marketing list management. This integration cuts the work for Advantax tremendously, automating email communication and list management, while allowing users to update their email preferences at any time. Emails sent give readers the ability to share posts via several social media outlets.

The Ask Advantax section is one of the extremely unique features at the heart of the PropTax Center. Anyone can ask a question, and Advantax promises to post an informative answer within 24-48 hours of receiving it. While they’re waiting, users can also browse current answers to questions that have been submitted by other users.