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Creative Matter Post

Appleton Coated (HOW)

When you get an opportunity to incorporate unicorns and yetis into a conference booth, you take full advantage of it. Appleton Coated knew they wanted to make a big appearance at the 2016 HOW Design Live in Atlanta, and were looking for a one-of-a-kind both concept to draw in the conference attendees. Seeing this as an opportunity to differentiate Appleton Coated from other paper mills at the conference, Rule29 created the theme, “This is Green: A Paper Fantasy Land” as a nod to Appleton’s focus on sustainable manufacturing and love for all things whimsical and quirky.

We were thankful to have Molly Z, a local Chicago artist who excels in this very kind of playful, character-driven creative style, provide the art for the project. In addition to the booth, R29 also created a t-shirt and a series of buttons featuring the various characters that populate the Paper Fantasy Land.