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Creative Matter Post

Black Market Cold Brew

Last year, Blackberry Market made the decision that their iced coffee had to match the rest of their coffee offerings in terms of quality. The solution? Cold brewing.

What is cold brewing? It is, in short, brewing coffee via cold or room temperature water for an extended period of time. For Blackberry, that’s about 12 hours. Cold brewing allows for the extraction of a lot of the good flavors of coffee while avoiding extracting the majority of the acidic compounds that can only be dissolved with hotter water.

After a few months of hammering out the logistics and a recipe, Blackberry Market asked us to come up with the name, look, feel, and design for their specially brewed coffee. We (per the direction of Bob, who not only works at Rule29 but also owns Blackberry) came up with the name “Black Market Cold Brewed Coffee,” a fun name that plays both on the name of the restaurant and also the darkness of the drink. We created the logo and label – which is complete with a empty portion that allows baristas to write an explanation about the particulars of each brew.