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Creative Matter Post

Blood Donation Video Series

The need for blood donation is constant. Without all of us doing our part, the blood simply won’t be there when we need it. Rule29 and Wonderkind Studios worked with the southern region of the American Red Cross to create awareness videos that tell a variety of stories to highlight the continual need for blood. Out of the array of vignettes and informational videos we produced, below are a select few.

American Red Cross: Public Service Announcement from Rule29 on Vimeo.

American Red Cross: Person to Person from Rule29 on Vimeo.

The American Red Cross wanted to have a video that took a positive, friendly look at the process of donating blood. The result was an inside look at the process using behind the scenes footage and dynamic graphics. And for the sqeemish, don’t worry, there’s no blood.

American Red Cross: Give + Receive from Rule29 on Vimeo.

A piece that we did for The American Red Cross showcasing some incredible, life-changing stories.

Hearing the stories of people who have directly benefited from the ARC’s blood program was humbling and eye-opening. If you are able, please GIVE blood as often as possible.