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Creative Matter Post

Identity for the District

When Batavia Public School District 101 agreed to partner with Rule29 in updating the BPS101 brand, the goal was simple: create a brand that effectively communicates the excellence the district offers, while providing design expertise to help bring the entire district and school brands under the BPS101 banner.

One aspect of working with BPS101 that we were especially excited about was redesigning the mascots of each school. We interviewed students and teachers from each school in an attempt to understand the “personality” of each mascot and how to retain that. In the end we were able to design a family of mascots that each hold unique traits but hold similar design elements to connect them as a family under the BPS101 brand. Needless to say, each employee at Rule29 has their favorite mascot and is fiercely loyal to it. We want to send a big thank you to Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios for collaborating with us to create the mascot designs.

Following the update of BPS101’s brand and school mascot family, it was time to extend that rebrand into their identity. All of these elements together create a cohesive and powerful brand that communicates the district’s devotion to excellence in education for each student that walks through the door.