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Creative Matter Post

Crossroads on the Fox

Situated along the Fox River in Kane County, the Village of North Aurora is a quintessential midwestern town with abundant natural beauty, a thriving business sector, and amiable residents. Despite these highly desirable qualities, North Aurora faced an interesting challenge: many people unfamiliar with the area simply assumed it was the northern section of the nearby larger city, Aurora, and thus robbed North Aurora of assuming it’s own identity. To help fight this misconception and provide the Village with a bold and unapologetic visual look and feel, North Aurora approached Rule29 about creating a new logo, color palette, and tagline.

After months of concepting, debate, and revision, Rule29 and the Village of North Aurora board arrived at a logo bringing together a number of important characteristics of North Aurora. The logomark is comprised of the iconic bridge over the Fox River, a graphic depiction of the river and numerous nature paths of the village, all contained within a circle to communicate the inclusive and vibrant community of North Aurora. The logotype was custom designed drawing from the arch of the North Aurora bridge, with subtle augmentations to create a one-of-a-kind logo.