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Creative Matter Post

Design Of Podcast

For the last few months, Justin and Wills have been collaborating on a new project – one that pushes us a bit outside our normal creative processes and output.

Coming from the Rule29 studio is Design Of, a podcast about people & process. The idea behind Design Of is simple: try to understand how extraordinary people go about doing extraordinary things. Many of our questions and conversations with guests revolve around initial inspiration, the pain of disappointment and difficulty, and what it feels like to walk away from a completed endeavor.

Our inaugural Episode featured Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping at Last, where we learned about how his creative process has evolved over the years, and how he balances recent well-deserved fame with a growing family. No stranger to the ups and downs of public creative output, Ryan brings us in to the hurdles and setbacks that make it hard to continue, but also the triumphs that make it impossible to quit.

Episode 2 was focused on Victor Saad, a rebel student/educator, who has revolutionized higher education by proposing a new model of how our colleges and universities can more effectively prepare their students. Victor’s first experiment in this space was called The Leap Year Projectwhere he created his own masters program by participating in a different internship each month for an entire year. Now, he leads a community of fellow rebels with the Experience Institute, a higher education curriculum that empowers students to make their education what they want it to be alongside some of the most innovative and world-changing organizations and businesses in the world.