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Creative Matter Post

Emphasis Brand Identity

One of our good friends, Ryan O’Neil of Sleeping at Last, came up with an idea to help make musician merchandise personal. We were obviously intrigued, and partnered with Ryan to create a project that came to be known as Emphasis. The concept behind Emphasis is simple: users are able to select their favorite lyrics from bands on the Emphasis roster, select a t-shirt color, and use the design tools to customize the lyrics printed on the shirt. You can then select a size and have the shirt shipped right to your door.

Rule29 not only had a part in designing and implementing the functionality of the customization tools, we also designed the logo and the iconography system throughout the site to guide navigation. We’ve had a lot of fun seeing the incredible shirts that people have designed.

Emphasis is adding more bands each month to their roster, so be sure to check out the site and get started on making the perfect shirt using the perfect lyrics!