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Creative Matter Post

AutoMax Campaign

Fellowes has been a recognized name in workplace innovation and solutions for almost 100 years. Their long-standing commitment to increasing workplace productivity while decreasing hassle is perhaps best exemplified by their line of autofeed shredders, AutoMax.

We have had the opportunity to play a part in a number of projects focused on promoting the merits of autofeed shredding and the superiority of the AutoMax product. Last year we had the chance to develop overall brand messaging and design for upcoming print advertising. We also had the opportunity to handle the AutoMax 2015 Digital Advertising Buy. From concept to execution, we were a part of the entire process – coming up with the messaging and look/feel of the campaign, helping to establish ad media placement, implementing a comprehensive, 3-month digital ad buy, and strategizing along the way to make sure that our goals for the campaign was met.