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Creative Matter Post

Forecast 5

Forecast 5 provides the public sector with collaborative analytic tools to help organizations make informed business decisions. They have grown over the last few years and recently recognized the need to have a cohesive video strategy to help communicate who they are and how they serve organizations.

We created two videos – one that raised brand awareness and the other that aimed to explain the utility of the company’s 5Cast product (a tool that helps public administrators and governing boards confidently draft budget projections and simulate “what-if” scenarios for the purpose of making data-informed decisions).

The brand awareness video utilized a type-driven style and energetic animations that guided the viewer through an understanding of Forecast 5’s offerings. The viewer follows an orange ball as it traverses words and illustrations, all of which aim to communicate the robust and intricate capabilities of the platform.

Our 5Cast video was a slightly more playful animation, using simple and playful visual elements to not only engage the viewer all the way through the video, but to communicate ideas, items, and stories quickly and effectively. By utilizing a limited color palette, it allows the video to show and take ownership of this color within the market space. The simultaneous animation and movement of several items on the screen make for an energetic viewing with few lulls.