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Creative Matter Post

Let Justice Flow

Lifewater International knows that seeing an end to the global water and sanitation crisis can only happen through collective action. The non-profit, water development organization sought out to show how a movement of engaged people can bring real change in places of development. To help communicate this, Lifewater reached out to Rule29 to create a Lifewater book. The purpose of the book was to thank donors and sponsors around the world, and show how their involvement helped serve people and lead to better outcomes.

The book included photographs taken of various locations around the world in which Lifewater have been actively dedicated to aiding. The book reveals the difficult conditions and reality of places of need, but also of the progress and potential for hope through joining together in a combined effort against lack of water sanitation and scarcity. The design of the book features a crisp, clean layout accentuated with handwritten elements for a personal feel.