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Creative Matter Post

MarketDelta Brand Identity

MarketDelta, LLC, is a technology and software service company based in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. MarketDelta came to Rule29 for an update to their brand in preparation for a substantial upgrade/integration of the proprietary software that they develop. Utilizing this unique opportunity, we focused on taking the overall brand to new levels across all of their various materials in order to set MarketDelta apart from the competition.

Beginning with the logo, we built on the already established equity of the previous mark by utilizing similar colors and forms. In addition, we refined the type by developing custom letterforms in order to give MarketDelta the unique place in the financial software field that they deserve.

When working on the identity, we really wanted to build off the distinctive tagline “See Inside the Chart.” This tagline expressed the methodology of the company so well that we looked into utilizing it for all the various identity materials. The result was a memorable, uniquely sized card (and larger coaster leave-behind) printed on a frosted plastic substrate.