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Creative Matter Post

Your Ideal Construction Partner

It’s very rare that a project site has the exact amount of dirt, topsoil, clay, stone, sand, etc. needed to complete a job. Most job sites are either long or short on these materials. Material Tracker is designed to make it easier for contractors and suppliers to connect with each other in order to efficiently and economically meet their material needs.

As a partner in this startup, Rule29 worked to brand the company and design the online experience. The primary function of the website is to provide a platform for contractors to connect with other contractors. Users sign up with the service, create a listing, sort through other construction sites that can help their needs, and then make valuable connections. From the initial naming and trademark to the website UI and advertising, R29 helped launch Material Tracker in all aspects of the brand.

For ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas, we also created a few promotional materials to help give potential conference attendees a look at what the MT service is all about. We designed a leave-behind brochure for the expo, so that interested individuals could pick one up as they perused the various exhibits. We also designed an iPad presentation that would assist the Material Track crew in walking contractors through the simple process of signing up and using the site.