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Creative Matter Post

Mellody Farm

Regency Centers is an owner, operator, and developer of dominant, grocery-anchored retail centers located in the most attractive U.S. markets. For a new development in Vernon Hills called Mellody Farm, they asked us to help create a brand that would reflect the development’s immersive and unique shopping experience.

The original plot of land had a long history as a dairy farm, so Regency Center utilized reclaimed wood, brick, and steel to create an industrial aesthetic that had hints of the property’s previous use. Taking into account this look and feel, we created a brand for Mellody Farm looked to the past to find inspiration and found it in farmland and the lines created in these fields. We then took that concept and adjusted it to fit into a more urban, contemporary, and elegant setting, creating letterforms that utilize these lines to create intersections, parallels, and angles. To ensure the logo connotes a higher level of sophistication, these lines are thin enough to feel elegant, clean, and minimal while thick enough to a create sturdy, impactful logo and letterforms.

We utilized the new logo and accompanying brand system (diagonal, thin lines) to flesh out the Mellody Farm Leasing Brochure, as well. This brochure featured high-end print production to emphasize the elegance of the space, as well as vibrant colors to accent various aspects of the retail center.