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Creative Matter Post

More Than Toner

Every business has a “garage story.” Next Day Plus’ is no different…except for the fact that it’s actually a basement story. You see, Next Day Plus started out as Next Day Toner – a humble toner supplier, operating out of CEO Jeff Bollman’s basement back in 1998. Fast forward to 2014, and the company realized that its offers had expanded to beyond toner. They recognized the need to transform more fully into the company that they had become.

To rebrand the company, we recognized that it would require thoughtful, qualitative research. We conducted a period of research and discovery to learn more about the company, their clients, their history, and their goals.

From there, we began the process of renaming. In order to preserve the brand equity that already existed, but also to usher in the “new” era of who the company was and what they offered, we landed on the name “Next Day Plus.” They are still the same friendly, helpful, expert people that they’ve always been – now with a new name that accurately showcases all that they are about and continue to strive to be: a company that offers the highest quality printing supplies, exceptional services, and customized solutions to take all things print off your to-do list.

With the new brand and story established, it was time to begin to spread the word! The comprehensive rebrand included a new website, a sales folder, a “Who We Are” video, several brochures, car wraps, signage, and many more items.

We’re excited to be a part of continuing to share Next Day Plus’ story, as well as continuing to watch them grow more and more due to their incredible customer services and quality printing products.