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Creative Matter Post

The O’Neil Book of Printing Wonders

O’Neil Printing has been evolving, changing, and demonstrating excellence in the print industry for over 100 years. They’ve learned that creativity, mobility, strategy, speed, digital impressions, innovation, and ROI are now integral to print communications and, as a result, strive to push themselves beyond traditional expectations for the sake of helping their clients successfully tell their unique stories.

This past Winter O’Neil decided that it was time to create a new, innovative brochure that would showcase their various print capabilities and also convey the heart of the company. After tossing around a few ideas, we decided that the best approach would be to create a book that featured O’Neil’s wide array of printing solutions and how they can be used to imagine new, creative print pieces. We worked with O’Neil to choose quotes that felt representative of their company’s culture and then used those quotes as a jumping-off point for the creative.

The result was a beautifully crafted booklet that utilizes a variety of papers and printing techniques, along with a series of hand-picked quotes and artwork that we feel truly describe O’Neil’s company’s capabilities, values and philosophy.  It’s a piece that O’Neil can be proud of!