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Creative Matter Post

Traditionally Innovative

Since 2000 we have been helping O’Neil printing pursue it’s Traditionally Innovative brand at every level of their communication both internally and externally. Rule29 designed each of the materials to appeal to both the corporate client as well as the designer. Each piece is meant to work seamlessly with any of their accompanying materials. From the business cards, website to the delivery trucks, each time a customer encounters an O’Neil piece, they recognize it as coming from O’Neil.

Just like any project we approach, we step back and look at the entire company to find its stand-out qualities that makes it unique, and highlight those particulars in the design. O’Neil Printing has been in business for over a century, and we’d like to think that any business that’s been at it that long has a few secrets up their sleeve. Although we could talk endlessly about O’Neil’s quality product, variety of services, sparkling equipment, or commitment to the environment, there are two things that really make O’Neil stand out: their people and their tradition of innovating the print business. O’Neil’s people are dedicated, service-oriented, and truly care about their clients. After all, O’Neil Printing is employee-owned, so they are invested in their work and their clients’ happiness. They’re also committed to approaching projects and business from a unique and effective perspective; a process of innovation that has kept the company young after all this time.

O’Neil Printing: Customer Service from O’Neil Printing on Vimeo.

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