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Creative Matter Post

Stand Out from the Competition

Onkyo USA, a leading electronic manufacturers, came to us for help with designing the packaging for a couple different models of AV receivers, as they were reintroducing this line of products back into the American market at Best Buy. They needed a way to stand out from the competition and set themselves apart on the shelf, while still communicating the key product information to the consumer in a clear, concise fashion.

With this in mind, we designed large labels to cover the front and back of their packaging, incorporating large beauty shots that highlighted the bold, dynamic lines of the product itself. Juxtaposing these sleek shots with a white background that featured a transparent pattern (consisting of angled lines of varying sizes) we were able to evoke a sense of energy to the label, while maintaining a clean composition. Establishing the Onkyo brand was also key in the composition, as it is relatively unknown to the common consumer. As such, we made a conscious decision to feature the Onkyo logo as prominently as possible so that consumers would be able to identify and recognize the brand as easily as possible.