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Creative Matter Post

Be All In

Parkview Church came to us for help with several projects that involved bringing their community together and helping them expand their reach beyond their congregation and into the community.

The first of these projects was to help them design their logo and then to help them develop their new website. Our aim was to illustrate the mission of Parkview; sharing Christ with their community and world. This logo was designed to help create a face for the church that can be easily recognized and applied to various materials. The design that we created for the logo highlights the diversity of Parkview’s community, which all comes together under a common purpose of sharing Christ to the world. We also had the privilege of developing a new website for Parkview. The direction that we chose takes the mosaic feel of the Parkview logo and brings those elements into the site.

Parkview also asked us to help them develop their “All In” campaign. This campaign is essentially a call to action for the Parkview congregation to be All In by going All Out in terms of service to others, supporting the church, etc. Our first step in developing this campaign was to design a logo with shapes converging at a central point represent the Parkview community coming together, and at the same time, energetically going out to their communities and world. Along with the All In logo, we were able to create brochure (both for print and web) that highlighted the specifics of the campaign and the church’s call to action.