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Creative Matter Post

People-Focused Servant Leadership

One of the greatest challenges facing ministers and pastors in modern churches is learning how to lead their congregations not only in theological terms, but also operational contexts. Most pastors begin and continue their careers with strong training in counseling, biblical exposition, and ministry strategy, yet they are discouraged to learn that their education was lacking in teaching them the skills to lead a large organization of people. That’s where PLI comes in.

PLI works with pastors and their spouses to empower them to lead their organizations not only as spiritual leaders, but leaders of organizations using a comprehensive, holistic formational approach. They approached Rule29 about helping them reposition themselves as a modern, effective organization through a complete rebrand and redesign of their website. Starting with a logo and tagline, we began an in-depth assessment of PLI’s vision and process, giving attention to their history as an organization as well as the direction they want to head. After many conversations and revisions, we settled on a simple logo mark emphasizing servant leadership with the aspirational tagline, Vibrant Communities. Deeper Connections. Wider Influence.™

Accompanying this new logo and tagline, we went to work on creating an all new website with the ability to share original leadership training content, as well as a simple giving platform for donors around the world. To complete the all new look and feel of the organization, we also created a new identity system and corresponding brochure to concisely communicate the vision and process of PLI.

The PLI team is passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, and Rule29 deeply enjoyed working with them over the past few months.