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Creative Matter Post

One Gym, Many Goals

PraxisFit is a group-focused, functional fitness gym that recently opened in Batavia, IL. From the very beginning, PraxisFit has been passionate about helping people live healthy lifestyles and learn new fitness techniques, all with the support of a community of trainers and fellow athletes.

We were initially drawn to the PraxisFit story due to the staff’s passion to offer clients a new model of how gyms could operate. Rather than projecting an unobtainable image of fitness on their clients, PraxisFit helps their clients become the best version of themselves – whatever their clothes size or fitness history.

Rule29 has been with PraxisFit from the very beginning. We started with naming the gym, then concepting a tagline. The PraxisFit brand has since been expanded into a wide range of environments that we have had the honor of creating, including the website, social media presence, and brand identity.

If you find yourself in Batavia, IL, be sure to check out PraxisFit at 2301 Main Street. Tell them Rule29 sent you.