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Creative Matter Post

Rule29 Coloring Book

Ah, the fabled coloring book. An open door to a world of creativity and color. Like many creatives, we cut our teeth drawing and scribbling in the pages of coloring books, so we decided it was time to make our own. The result is the Rul29 Variety Show Coloring Book: a whimsical production featuring temporarily greyscale art and design from some of your favorite designers.

Rule29’s own Adrian Mendez, Susan Herda, and Edwin Carter all submitted their own original artwork for the coloring book, as well as pieces from Molly Z, Von Glitschka, Tim Frame, and Paul Howalt.

A huge thank you to all of the designers/artists who submitted, and feel free to share with us any of your coloring creations! If you would like a copy, contact us today!