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Music Videos

Ryan O’Neal’s journey has taken many turns over the past twelve years under the moniker of Sleeping At Last. What began in 1999 as a Chicago-based teenage garage band has organically transitioned to original songwriter O’Neal as a solo artist continuing the gorgeous thread of work that has amazed and captivated listeners over all these years.

We are fortunate to not only have Ryan as a friend, but as a musical partner on many of our projects. The following are a sampling of videos that we’ve helped Sleeping at Last do over the years. If you haven’t checked out Sleeping at Last’s latest music projects, do so here.

Sleeping at Last “Emphasis” (Music Video) from Rule29 on Vimeo.

It’s somewhat of a long story (most of which you can read here), but when we decided to do a music video for SAL’s “Emphasis” song, we ended up building the narrative around a little boy (who happens to be producer Bob Davidson’s son) and his exploration of a seemingly large and broken world. We chose to shoot the video almost entirely in a macro format – subtly suggesting that we are often limited by our small perspective and much too close for our own good to appreciate the world in all its beauty and mystery. As Ryan has stated, “This is a little song about big questions.”

Sleeping at Last – Turning Page (Studio Live) from Rule29 on Vimeo.

We also had the opportunity to produce and direct a series of live video shoots for Sleeping at Last, including this live recording of “Turning Page” – featured in the Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part I) movie. Recorded at the famous “Electrical Audio” studio in Chicago. Song written and performed by Sleeping at Last (Ryan O’Neil). Production/DP/Editing done by Wonderkind Studios.