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Creative Matter Post

A Collaborative Brand

The Comradery is an organization focused on providing continuing education to professionals. Their design-centric approach is taught by a collection of respected leaders in a casual workshop setting. Putting emphasis on social connections, their learning experiences aim to engage attendees to be leaders, thinkers, and makers—empowering people and allowing them to achieve their greatest potential.

Founders Erin Huizenga and Deborah Alden looked to Rule29 to develop a visually-engaging brand look to represent The Comradery’s collaborative focus. The solution was a collection of overlapping petals, interacting with one another to communicate a sense of community and conversation. The trademark combines the petals in a “C” monogram, paired with an approachable typeface, which echoes the round shape of the icon. A secondary mark uses a outlined icon for maximum versatility. This look was then extended to business cards, website (coming soon), and social media.