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Creative Matter Post

U2:XG Perfect Pairings

What paper should you use for your brochure? What beer should you pair with that delicious salmon filet? We partnered with Appleton Coated to create a promotional piece for U2:XG and Utopia Two, to showcase these two wonderful papers and answer all your questions about the product and craft beer! Craft brewers create beer that is an extension of who they are; they create a beer drinking experience. In the same way, U2:XG and Utopia Two from Appleton Coated offer you two beautiful, environmentally-friendly papers that allow you to create an experience and amplify your work in print. “Perfect Pairings” is an exploration of the possibilities that these papers bring, as well as an introduction to the fine craft of beer brewing. In it, you will find beautiful lifestyle photography printed on the paper, as well guides for when to use each paper (and when to drink certain brews)! It has never been so easy to craft a perfect pair!