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Creative Matter Post

U360 Event Materials

The U360 Competition is one of the last great, free design competitions. Sponsored by Appleton Coated, this competition is open to both in-house and studio designers who create printed projects on the famous Utopia paper. As longtime fans and consistent participants of the competition, we were jumping at the chance to create the U360 competition showbook: an up close and personal look at the best design work of 2014.

The U360 Competition is judged by the Appleton Coated Design Council, a hand selected panel of leading designers from across North America. The Design Council meets with the Appleton Coated team to not only judge the submissions, but also to engage in conversation surrounding current design, paper, and printing trends. Our own Creative Director, Justin Ahrens, was honored to serve on the Design Council this year and deeply enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the incredible work submitted. To learn more about the members of the Design Council, please click here.

Rule29 was charged with not only designing the book itself, but also the creation of a theme and compelling copy to guide the imagery of the stunning work presented. In addition to designing the book itself, we were able to create a number of other digital assets to spread the word about U360 including social media posts and website banners.

Here’s to the world that changed things in 2014.