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Annual Report

USG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials for the construction and remodeling industries including sheetrock and durock products. Innovation is one of the most foundational qualities of USG, as demonstrated by the corporation’s extensive research and development of building materials that are lighter, more durable, and safer than industry standards. A few members of the Rule29 team were invited to USG’s innovation center in Libertyville, IL, where we were able to see firsthand how these incredible products are tested and refined. One of those experiments was a “fire test”, where a piece of sheetrock was blasted with what seemed to be a jet engine for 20 minutes to test it’s ability to withstand extreme heat. To all of our amazement, we were still able to put our bare hands on the other side of the sheetrock, our palms barely feeling the warmth of the inferno on the other side of the wall.

To create the 2014 Annual Report for USG, Rule29 created a design that demonstrated USG’s commitment to challenging conventions and showcased its impressive process for creating industry leading materials. The Annual Report maintained an angular styling and vivid imagery, drawn from USG’s corporate logo.