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450 miles for 450 children

2014 was an exciting year for Wheels4Water. For our inaugural ride we raised over $102,000 and helped 2,550 people in Uganda get clean water and sanitation training for life! Its unbelievable to see what can happen when people all over the world join together to make change happen.

The 2015 Wheels4Water ride proved to be a great success as well. During most of 2015, Rule29 has been hard at work creating all new branding materials for the ride, and we’ve been so excited to see how people are partnering with the cause to fight the global water crisis. Some pretty amazing things started to happen as we got closer to the ride. Wheels4Water was named the Official Cause of the 2015 HOW Design Live Conferenceso we were honored to take the main stage a few times to tell people about the cause and what they could do to help. We were also given a booth in the exhibition area where people were able to donate, buy merchandise, and even ride a mile on a stationary bike to get a child water for life thanks to O’Neil Printing! In all, we raised over $8,000 over the course of just 4 days!

On June 1-5, 2015, the team rode the 5 day and 450 mile journey down the coast of California from Santa Rosa to San Luis Obispo. Upon rolling into SLO, we had raised close to $50,000! Below are some videos from the ride! For all of the 2015 videos, click here.