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Creative Matter Post

People for People

When was the last time you filled a glass of water from the sink? Or used the bathroom in the bathroom? For many people in sub-Saharan Africa, these are luxuries that few enjoy. The Kaliro District of Uganda is riddled by generations of safe water scarcity and lack of sanitation training. Water-related death and disease are rampant, especially for young children. It is estimated that close to 34% of the Ugandan people here have access to a proper latrine, and safe water only covers 55% of the region.

This is the third year of Wheels4Water, a Rule29 initiative to help people in developing nations receive safe water for life. This year, we’re inviting people everywhere to join with us, with cycling teams in Arizona, Illinois, and Anywhere, riding their bikes, raising funding, and spreading the word about Lifewater’s work in Uganda.

We went all out this year to create promotional pieces for the rides, including an all new brand look and feel, updated logo, a redesigned website, as well as shareable social media assets.

If you’re interested in riding in the 2016 Wheels4Water ride, visit our website, sign up, and start fundraising!