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Build A Better World

We give because we can and because we want to.

A little love (and a lot of creativity) go a long way.

The idea to give of oneself, or one’s possessions, was never invented. It is an innate part of humanity. We give to share. We give to love. We give to make the world a better place.

But it’s easy for us to forget these simple realities amid the day-to-day chaos we live in. We all need a reminder—and at Rule29, that reminder is our GIVE initiative.

During the last several years, the Rule29 team has committed 20 percent of our time and resources (free or at a discount) to causes, ideas, and initiatives that help create a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable, and more welcoming world. We don’t just support these organizations; we embrace them.

GIVE is simply a reflection of this collective.

We admit, our efforts to give aren’t perfect. And others are doing more than our small group could possibly do on our own. In fact, the more we pursue, the more we realize that giving doesn’t happen in isolation, but rather in collaboration. This is one of the main reasons we are a Certified B Corporation® to be a part of a community using businesses as a force for good.

GIVE is about community. It’s not Rule29’s to keep, but to share. Join us as we give a little, receive a little, and enjoy a lot.

Want to combine our efforts to build a better world? Let’s talk! Start by filling out the form below.

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