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Flexing Our Creativity with a Shark Tank Session

2 minutes

Whether you’re working at the office or virtually, we still value adding new ways to grow as a team and stay connected. Part of that is our initiative program which allows us to better our teams by focusing on things that excite us. Adrian, a senior designer, is passionate about having play sessions to keep our creative minds working. Once a month we gather for a play session which gives us time to flex our creativity and collaborate on something as a team, usually resulting in great teamwork and a lot of laughs. 

These play sessions are designed to allow both the accounts team and design team to collaborate and use our creativity in ways that may not be in our everyday routine. Designers may take a stab at writing while accounts team members grab a sketchbook! This month, Rule29 played Shark Tank but with a twist. Each team member had a few minutes to grab an item in their house and then we broke into groups. Once we were into groups we took the items individually grabbed and turned them into one product. Then came the Shark Tank pitch. 

With a citronella candle, coozie, and lap desk, Team 1 created The Big Chill which is your at-home one-stop-shop for a happy hour desk! No bugs at this bar.

Team 2 created Grab, Grow & Go which is a care package to send your family and friends during the quarantine. With a high-tech mouse, running shoes, and a house plant they’ll be set for activities while staying at home.

The Click Key was designed by Team 3 which turns your car key into a pen or pencil so you will never forget a million-dollar idea in the car ever again. 

These play sessions are great team-building exercises that allow our team to learn to communicate better and to come up with new ways to serve our clients. 

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