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Is Your Website Accessible to All?

Take Control of Your Brand's Website Compliance

Not sure if your content is making its way to your audience? Depending on the ADA compliance level you are looking to achieve, we can assess where your website needs a little extra help and provide you with the tools to get your content available to all.

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The Importance of Website Compliance

In today’s digitally-focused landscape, website accessibility audits can help brands identify key areas where they can work to further demonstrate social responsibility and inclusivity. It also can lessen potential harm to the brand, as non-compliant websites are increasingly subjected to legal action which may negatively shape public image. After understanding ways a website can improve its overall user experience, the brand is open to greater success with a wider audience.

As a certified B Corporation®, web accessibility is an essential part of Rule29’s website design and development practices. In fact, we strive for Level A compliance on all websites we build. In our efforts to help make the Internet accessible and inclusive for all, we are offering a limited number of FREE website audits targeting common compliance areas.

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Need a Website Refresh?

The Rule29 team of website design and development experts is ready to get your site back on track. ADA compliant sites are one of our specialities – just check out our blog posts below to see why. We will not just provide your brand with an updated, more user-friendly design, but will educate you on best practices every step of the way!

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Is your brand’s web presence accessible to all?

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