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Going Green

We Can All Do Something

At Rule29, we have a certain fondness for this little planet called Earth – our home. This fondness is what motivated us to become a Certified B Corporation® and to take steps toward protecting it, so that this generation, and every one after, will be able to enjoy it to the absolute fullest. One of these steps is creating a culture of developing effective strategies to reduce our environmental impact while continuing to provide our clients with world-class design. This involves a measurable recycling process, carbon footprint tracking and goal-setting, employee and client education, and environmentally friendly printing practices with our selected vendor partners. We call this our Green Initiative.

Heating and Cooling

Part of our being a Certified B Corporation® has us using our Green Initiative to publish some key metrics for our environmental impact as a studio. While energy usage fluctuates throughout the year, we believe its helpful to at least track our usage and conserve where possible. While these numbers certainly don’t make up the full picture of our both positive and negative environmental impact, we feel they are an important guiding light for our progress. Big thanks to Nest for helping us track our energy usage.


As far as green practices go, recycling is about as easy as it gets. Each year, we set goals to strive for and sometimes we don’t meet them, but the effort and dedication still makes a difference. This is a breakdown of how we did, in pounds, between 2019 and 2020, so far.

Here is a helpful article on Electronic or E-Waste Recycling for those wondering what to do with those old electronic devices (E-waste is the fastest-growing source of trash in the world).

Last Year

2019/2020 Recycling Totals (in lbs)

Green Case Studies

We believe that part of our responsibility is to consult and help educate our clients by only working with vendor partners that have environmentally-friendly production methods. Here are a few projects where we helped clients make a measurably improved environmental footprint.



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