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Goodies for Social Distancing

Stay home, stay positive

Social distancing is challenging, BUT we will get through! We can’t pop, lock, and drop it with our BFFs when we want and where we want. We can’t enjoy tacos at our favorite restaurants (but most locations do allow for online pick-up so remember to support your local favorites). We can’t pet all the dogs we want to on our daily walks out of respect for social distancing.

While there are a lot of can nots during quarantine, there are also so many CANS! No, we aren’t talking about canned goods though we know you’ve been through a good share of those.

To help you and yours enjoy the CANS of social distancing, we have put together a fun “Quarantine Care Package.”


Rule29 Zoom Backgrounds

Visit our downloads page to snag some hot Zoom backgrounds and computer wallpapers to keep things Fre$h in the digital conference room!


Rule29 LEO Moments“All you need is love.” That is why we created LEO Moments, an online platform to share the love! Find uplifting posts to share with your friends and family.


Rule29 "Happy" GIFsLooking for some gifs to cheer you up? We got you! You can’t give up, but you can GIF UP! See what we did there?


Rule29 Spotify PlaylistOn the hunt for some new jams? Say no more. Listen to a playlist of all our office favorites and rock out at home, wherever whenever.


Rule29 The Britt Whiskey RecipeFor those who enjoy a nice adult beverage every now and again, we recommend a Britt. Learn how to make the delicious drink after its namesake Britt Kulsveen, the Chief Whiskey Officer at Willett Distillery.


Rule29 FREE Coloring BookGet creative! Want a hard copy of our coloring book? Simply fill out the form below and we will send one your way FOR FREE! Sanitized, sealed, and delivered.


Quarantine may be a bit different from what we are used to but we promise we can still have some fun. Of course, we are here to help you get through any work challenges as well. Contact us today to start planning for what’s ahead.


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