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USG Annual Report

USG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials for the construction and remodeling industries including sheetrock and durock products. To create the 2014 Annual Report for USG, Rule29 created a design that demonstrated USG’s commitment to challenging conventions and showcased its impressive process for creating industry leading materials.

Capabilities Used

How Paper Changes Things

This was a 28-page booklet highlighting the year’s key financial and cultural highlights. It was printed on Sterling Premium by O’Neil Printing. All Verso Sterling® Premium Digital™ products use the FSC
Mixed label. This label is used when a product contains one or more of the following fiber types: FSC-certified, recycled fiber or controlled fiber. In terms of percentages, the higher the quantity of recovered material, the greater the amount of waste diverted from disposal, so 100% post-consumer recycled content would be the ideal goal. But use of any quantity of recovered material is preferable to utilizing virgin resources.

More Water Saved

Paper like Verso's Sterling Premium, we're helping to reduce the amount of water used in our finished products, since this paper utilizes a process of creating paper that minimizes waste and reuses resources!

Paper Choices

We pride ourselves on using materials that allow processes, such as print production, to function more efficiently. This means that, by making simply choices such as paper, we're able to save on energy usage and, thus, help reduce our ecological footprint!