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Helping Craft a Path to Impact

1 minutes

The Design for Good task force, comprised of our creative director and AIGA National Board Member, Justin Ahrens, and other national design leaders Gage Mitchell, Lennie Mowris, and Laetitia Wolff, are the coauthors of The Path to Impact. P2I is a five-step, accessible, and actionable framework to guide organizations, communities, and individuals through the process of designing for measurable and sustainable impact. The task force with AIGA has been awarded a Sappi “Ideas that Matter” grant to support the further development of this new project, a methodology ultimately meant to equip designers to be better planners, storytellers, and ambassadors of the value of design.

Its soft launch included a workbook containing a series of strategic prompts that lead the user through the process, as well as a selection of design thinking exercises that can be chosen to build collaborative planning workshops. Stay tuned for future news on how to get your hands on the Path to Impact once it is available for the public.