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HOW Will You Make an Impact in 2019?

Join Us at the HOW Design Conference in May!

We are excited to be play part host, thought leader and advocate at the 2019 HOW Design Live Conference in Chicago! We will be taking part in several areas of the conference, and we’d love to see you there too. Below are three places you can find us!

Workshop: The Path to Impact

The Path to Impact Envision workshop helps organizations connect the dots between resources, outputs, and desired outcomes. Participants will learn how to clearly articulate what they are seeking to change prior to launch which will allow them to efficiently and strategically design for impact. For more information on this presentation, visit HOW Design Live 2019 here.

Presentation: Self Promotion for Your Business (and your Soul)

At Rule29 we ask: Have you ever thought about creating culture-aligned self-promotions that not only advocate for your business but also enrich your culture? The Focus: Self Promotion for Your Business (and your Soul) talk will help you accomplish this by sharing experiments that have helped grow and strengthen our business all while making our creative souls happy (Spoiler alert: We will also share what hasn’t worked and how to avoid that too). For more information on this presentation, visit the HOW Design Live 2019 here.

Cause: Wheels4Water

The Rule29 team believes in giving whenever we can. Does your organization have a cause aligned with your culture? We can help promote that effort with you or help define what makes sense for you. One of our efforts, Wheels4Water, has been one of the most amazing projects we have ever done. It has redefined our culture, been an amazing story to tell, but most importantly helped over 18,000 Africans get fresh water, and sanitation and hygiene education. We can help you make the impact that is most important to you, your team and the values that define you.

For more information on our HOW presentations or our capabilities, please fill out the form below. To receive a copy of our stunning Bourbon book or a pack of our easel cards, please note your choice on the form!

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